Life Events/Mid-Year Changes

Changes in your life can affect your eligibility for health and insurance benefits. Depending on your situation, you may be able to change your benefit choices outside of the annual enrollment period.

To make benefit coverage changes mid-year, the life event must be a “qualified change in status.” Usually you must make the benefit changes within 31 days after the life event occurs.

See the Qualified Changes in Status section on this page for more information about the rules that apply and what you need to do to make benefit updates.

Impact on Benefits

Medical, Dental and Vision Coverage

If you have a baby or adopt a child, you can add him or her to your medical, dental and/or vision coverage. You can also add a new spouse or new domestic partner to your coverage. In the event of a divorce or legal separation, you can remove a spouse or domestic partner from coverage.

If your spouse, child or domestic partner loses coverage due to an employment change, you can add him or her to your coverage.

If you move to a new location and your current medical coverage is no longer available, you can enroll in another medical plan.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

You can increase your HSA contributions if you're currently enrolled in a medical plan with an HSA and you're changing from employee only to employee +1 coverage because you're adding a dependent.

You must also decrease your HSA contributions if you're currently enrolled in a medical plan with an HSA and you're changing from employee + 1 coverage to employee only because you're removing a dependent (i.e. divorce, child aging out, etc.).

If you need assistance calculating updated contributions, contact Benefits at x5886.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

If due to a life event change your child now requires daycare, you may be eligible to contribute pre-tax dollars to the Dependent Care FSA plan. This plan allows for reimbursement of eligible daycare expenses. Unlike an HSA, the contributions are use-it-or-lose-it. Participants must submit for reimbursement of qualified expenses within a designated time frame. Please see the Family Support page for more information.

Life, AD&D and Disability Insurance

You can enroll in life, AD&D, and disability (short-term or long-term) insurance at any time. If you’re enrolling in the life insurance or disability plans mid-year or increasing the amount of coverage, you must complete an Evidence of Insurability form. Your new spouse may also elect up to $30,000 in guaranteed life insurance coverage when he or she is first eligible.

Required Documentation

You must submit a copy of the following documentation to Human Resources when you make changes to your benefits.

  • Marriage Certificate - If you’re adding your spouse to the plan.
  • Divorce Decree - If you’re dropping your spouse from the plan due to divorce.
  • HIPAA Certificate - If you’re adding your spouse and/or child due to loss of coverage under a group plan.

Have you moved recently? Make sure to update your address in Workday. Once submitted, all insurance carriers will be notified of the change. Please note that if you are a Schwab PCRA participant, you will have to reach out to Schwab directly to update your address on the PCRA only.

Qualified Changes in Status

The following documents provide details about some common qualified changes in status. They also explain how to make updates to your benefit choices and coverage.

Having a Baby or Adopting a New Child (PDF)

Getting Married or Registering as a Domestic Partner (PDF)

Relocating to Another Office (PDF)

Adding or Dropping Government-Sponsored Healthcare (PDF)